Burgers 101 -Chapter 1

What is comfort food? The answer is subjective. Some may say it is food that reminds them of home or a loved one and some may say it is something cold on a hot night and hot on a cold night. To me, its fat. Stuff that does not come under the “guilt-free” tag but […]

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Neil in Neil

I met Nilkamal aka Neil on my trip to Andamans a few weeks ago. He is a middle-aged man, who hails from Neil Island (funny, yeah? Neil from Neil Island), owner of a small cafe and always, almost always holds a cigarette in his hand. He has never left the island, but made some kick-ass […]

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Smiling at a bad memory

I was at a small eatery one Saturday evening when these three kids asked me for help. They didn’t seem needy, but they had the most adorable smiles and I genuinely believed they needed help. They asked me if I could drop them home and since I couldn’t take all three of them on my […]

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