A journalist by profession but a chef/food writer by heart. Everything food, flavor and color interests me, and lets me squeeze my creative juices.

An ideal life for me, would be to write about food, interview chefs, visit local farmers, explore cultures and  talk to old grandmothers and impress them enough till they share their recipes with me!

Its a shame I don’t set the table and click pictures like I used to before, gotta make a living but I love to experiment with what is around. For one week it was soups, then salads, then jams and now its using my panini press to grill everything possible.

Whatever it is, I think, I can keep myself entertained, and throw myself in make-believe fairy tale land when I can prance around in a apron and a pan in my hand, if given a  nice kitchen , good apparatus and the freshest ingredients!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. WOW!!! just WOWWWW!! seriously girl you are on fire here.. Now this is determination..This will take you everywhere you wanted and everything you wanted to achieve 🙂 Thanks for keeping my DUBAAAK logo 😛 hehe


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