Overcoming fears

When you go to a party or a get-together next time, look around. The first thing you’ll notice is food. Mounds of rice, trays of veggies and crackers, colourful drinks, portions of desserts, don’t they also indicate you’re going to have a good time?

I recently met a few school friends after almost ten years at a good friend’s engagement. I was terrified at first. Being the introvert I am, I wasn’t sure what we would talk about other than our new jobs and where we studied after school. But once we got a snack plate full of little munchies, we started interacting about the chilli pork. Then the kheema ball, then the corn fritter, salad and chicken tikka and in three seconds, all my introvert insecurities vanished.



By lunch, I was myself!


I can’t keep a note of how many times food has helped me break a barrier that has somehow impeded me from talking to people. Even at work, one of the closest friends who I trust and confide in had thought I was the quiet freaky types who didn’t talk to people. But one day we went to get a cup of tea and started talking about a decadent chocolate cake recipe and we haven’t stopped talking since. Even though food dominates our conversations, we (at least I) have started to see a good friend in each other and I am extremely thankful for that!

More often than not, food has helped me come out of my shell and helped me feel comfortable and helped me realise who I am.


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