When life doesn’t give you lemons, just find them

My next vacation is still a month away. While my excitement builds by the hour, I realise I still haven’t unpacked my load of ideas, inspirations and stories that I brought back from the Andaman Islands.

I think I have already established that Andaman- Havelock in specific- is the island to be to experience the island life. But there would’ve been one minor issue if I were to live there. Lemons.

Lemons cost almost three times as much as they do here in the mainland. And if the tea vendor who served me milk powder tea is right, it is because they come all the way from Chennai.

Citruses don’t grow in Andaman, but the Island has plenty tamarind trees. Instead of making the most of it, the Islanders never do injustice to their curries and always make sure to squeeze the last drop of juice from limes or lemons available.

A stroll through the markets will give you an idea of how important food really is to the folks here. A large space, perhaps bigger than their schools and government offices, is used for everyday trade of local produce and other vegetables that come from the mainland in a ferry. Thats how important it is!

Here is my interpretation of a tropical citrus dish that has only a few drops of lemon juice, but exudes the same warmth and tropical fuzziness a lemon does.

This is a coconut caramel custard, topped with Nangu fruit soaked in Chancaca Syrup, with pineapple and lemon curd, sweet succulent pineapple and tender coconut “noodles”

DSC_4496 (1).jpg




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