If there was an era I would go back to, it would definitely be the 90s. The music, the dorky yet doable dance moves, saying thinks like ‘Schwinn’, blindingly bold fabrics that were in vogue and the best of all, everything- I mean everything- was simpler! But what I miss the most are the circulating libraries. […]

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A reason to love this heat

My great grandmother is one of the strongest women I know. She was a bad-ass home chef! By 30, she had 7 children and cooked for over 20 people every day. She was very generous with her ingredients- a trait most women in kitchens lack- and a benevolent person who cherished cooking and feeding large crowds. […]

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If foods could write their stories, how would it be? If Mexican Mole could write about the day a nun walked into the kitchen, randomly grabbing ingredients around leading to the birth of a dish that represents Mexico. What if Mysore Pak could tell you about the day chickpea flour and sugar were drenched in […]

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