TARTINE 6, TRIAL 1- Jackfruit and caramel

It’s Jackfruit season! Though a cousin of the world’s smelliest fruit Durian, jackfruit is still soft, succulent, custardy and there is a distinct sweetness that cuts through that stink. I love it! and I love saving the seeds to make spicy curry for lunch the next day.

To make the jackfruit tartine, I first thought of pureeing the fruit and adding it to plain custard. But cooking jackfruit would ruin the taste and it would definitely ruin the texture. Jackfruit has this rubbery, chewy texture when over-ripe and it is firm and less sweet (and pungent) when half-ripe. So, to make the most of the texture and it’s pretty colour, I chose to cut perfectly ripe ones and arrange them “artistically”.

To compliment it, I spread vanilla custard on the buttered and toasted slice of baguette and dusted powdered caramel on the top.

unnamed (1)

I got the idea from Jon Favreau’s character Chef Carl Casper in the movie Chef. Remember the scene? He’s so angry in the scene after Riva fires him and Ramsay Michel mocks him on twitter for putting up a dull show at the restaurant. So he decides to prepare his planned meal at home and post a picture on twitter. And there is pounding and smashing and steam everywhere, while Chef Carl creates this colourful latin-inspired meal. There is something very satisfying in the way he crushes that slab of caramel and pounds it to specks of delicious sweet dust.


One of my favourite scenes in the movie and a really good garnish for desserts!




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