Burgers- Chapter 2

Chef Alex Ong’s description of the Hamburguesa at Don Pisto’s is one of the most tempting lines I have ever heard. He says things like “no words” and “no fancy way to eat this” and dives in.

Food porn.

Don Pisto’s in San Fransisco makes this Baja-inspired burger called the Hamburguesa, a ground chuck beef patty that sits in bacon and onions sweat in bacon fat overnight, two perfectly toasted mayo-slathered buns and guacamole with charred tomatoes and serranos. Don Pisto’s Chef Pete Mrabe said he had this burger in Ensanada, Mexico and regards it as one of the “best burgers he has ever had in his life”. Now, I’ve never had it at Don Pisto’s or Ensanada. I just made my own at home, following Mrabe’s video on Chefsfeed and it still is the best burger I have ever had.


I used ground lamb, bacon, onions, salt and pepper. However, Mrabe keeps his secret sauce a real secret and it is really hard to tell because it looks like soy in the video! I just went with apple cider vinegar for some acid, but I think there is some Worcestershire sauce in the recipe. But the basic one I made tasted just perfect!

The guacamole has charred tomatoes and a couple of serranos. Everything just chopped together, avocado scooped, seasoned and mixed with a fork.

I made the buns two ways. I used local buns, toasted and spread super fresh mayo (straight out of the bowl). The other, I grilled after spreading the mayo. The second one had a very distinctive “eggy” flavour but was still delish.

Grill to perfection. I am not even kidding here. Do not take your bun or patty off the grill till you see black grill marks on it. Those black marks are flavour troves!

The result was, I can’t even use words for it. I shouldn’t! It’s just that good!

Ong did justice in describing this burger. I am so glad he didn’t use ubiquitous adjectives and sensations.

And if this were to be Bob Belcher’s burger of the day at his restaurant, it could be called “Hole Guacamole”! haha!





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