Japan.. where the yolks are yellower than the rising sun.

The longest I stared without blinking is… 30 mins. It’s true! It happened when I was engrossed watching David Chang in PBS’s Mind of a Chef.

Japan! I love that country. Everything from their culture to the food, it’s just so organized. The cuisine, if you ask me, is based on what the person wants to eat and not just on the region. Feel fancy? Get some Kaiseki. Want to gorge on something deep fried? There’s tempura!

More than anything, it looks like an art form to me. You almost never throw stuff in a wok in Japanese cuisine.. there is structure, texture, and detail. The process in making something is like a dance and every step in making something edible is rhythm. I am not a big fan of salted/ cured fish. But after watching how bonito is made, I really, really want to eat it.

So, I’ve never been to Japan. But hey, the Visa to my imagination is stamped!

Some flavors that inspired me..

Avocado, Daikon and toasted black sesame seeds.


Yakitori and Tsukune, plated with local lemon zests and lotus root chips. I love, loved this!

I loved how Hiro Sone explains it during his visit to Nojo, in a Chefs Feed production. Greg Dunmore, applause, applause! The amount of dedication is really a whole new level of attaining inner peace!


And then, there has to be some Tempura! Oh, this is a veggie version.



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