Close your eyes and taste the chocolate… it tastes better!

There is a lot of drama (other than the “mmm” and expressing the transcendent experience with your eyes) when you take a bite with you eyes closed. Believe me, you will be transformed. And it is possible to sense more delicious flavors when you look at the disrupted plating in front of you.

Like I explained in my previous posts, my kitchen travels to all parts of the globe. This time, I traveled to a small village in France where each house is more beautiful than the other, with white doors and shutters, white wooden fences and some with wrought iron ones, and homes bordered with pink roses that bloom only in May and the others with lavender, all beautifully brocaded with shingles in shades of brown and black.

And if it was 1960, people brought their cakes and breads to the local baker, for him to bake it in the best wood fire oven in the village. (just like how Chef Hubert Keller explains) It smells exceptional!

Here for you are the perfect eclairs with chocolate and candied orange filling. The petit choux have a white chocolate version of the same.

DSC_3763 copy.jpg

When I travel the world, that is how I will want to remember flavors of all the cities I visit. I will close my eyes, open my ears and broaden my olfactory senses and imprint those flavors on my taste buds and develop a deep sense of joy and satisfaction in a way that will make my body linger when I feel the same senses on my taste buds ten years later.

And I think the reason why something tastes so extraordinarily transcendent is because 1. there is love and passion, 2. it endured years of experiments to attain perfection. Any famous dish/ preparation is always a classic. Everybody wants to make it because it has been through years of perfecting it more. That reminds me…

I promise,

if you keep searching for everything beautiful in this world,

you will eventually become it!

I guess that is why when you eat something like an eclair in France, mole in Mexico, or a paella in Spain it is an experience and not just dining. Yeah?


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