TARTINE 4, TRIAL 1- Peanut Butter, Banana and Pepper

Similar to the Elvis, but its vegetarian!!

And not just that- its not as rich as an Elvis but, definitely has a diverse flavor profile!

img_3967I make my peanut butter from scratch, freshly roasting the nuts with salt till all the natural oils exude out and the salt sticks to the peel.  Once it is warm to the touch,  vigorously rub the nuts till the peel comes off. Separate the nuts and the peel. Process the nuts in a conche if you have one (gets you the best and creamiest peanut butter), else a blender works fine. Remember to add sugar and a pinch of salt a few minutes after you start blending. If the mixture gets too stiff, add a few drops of peanut oil.

Now, for the bread, I like a fairly thick slice of bread so that you get a crunchy surface and it stays kind of soft inside. The contrast of textures if just perfect for this tartine. Once you have slathered a good amount of butter on your slice of baguette, grill it on a super hot griddle or pan for about a minute on each side.

Spread the fresh peanut butter, slice of banana and freshly ground pepper on the top. Also, a drizzle of good forest honey (none of that processed crap, please! Always use good raw, forest honey!) gets it to shine and adds more flavor! The pepper is probably what sets it apart, a small change but sure makes a big difference for a vegetarian craving for an Elvis sandwich!


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