TARTINE 3, TRIAL 1- Caramelized onions and tomato salad

For my third slice of baguette, I have this savory and sweet tartine that would make a great breakfast option.


My trick to caramelizing onions is slightly different, I like to let it get extra brown and then soften it with butter or any liquid. The texture resembles chunky jam, its easier to spread on toast and less stringy when you eat it. To make the caramalize onions, add thinly sliced onions, a few chunks of butter on a hot skillet and let it cook on low for a few minutes. Once the butter melts, add a little bit of salt to help the onions sweat, stir well. When the onion starts to turn golden brown, let it get a little crunchy and just before it starts to stick to the pan, add any stock or water. The liquid will help deglaze the pan giving you soft onions and maximum flavor from the caramelization. Repeat this a couple more times till you have soft, dark brown onions. Season (remember to add less salt if you used stock) and let it cool.

The salad is just tomato concasse or diced tomatoes, with some super easy dressing. Dressing is just equal parts lemon juice and olive oil, paprika, salt and pepper. I just dump all the ingredients in a cup and then use an electric frother to emulsify it. I feel its quicker and easier this way. Add the dressing to the tomatoes just before serving or it will get soggy. No one wants soggy salad on bread!

Toast the bread to Perfection (cannot stress on this enough), with butter on both sides. Your bread should be hard and crunchy once done. Rub a sliced raw garlic on the toast, spread the onions and top it with the salad. The onions prevent the bread from getting soggy, so make sure you have an even layer. Garnish with any seasoning or herbs you like. I used spring onions here.



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