TARTINE 2, TRIAL 1- Spicy mayo, egg yolk, asparagus salad

I liked this one! It changed everything I had ever felt about raw eggs, and it will for you too, if you hate egg yolks. This tartine reminded me of a nice spring day, sunny yet chilly, birds chirping outside, aromas from green grass and pink flowers everywhere and that characteristic sensation when the sun warms up everything around you, beautifully. I can imagine myself sitting on the porch, lazily, feet up, slowly eating the sandwich, licking away each drop that oozing egg yolk.

I though it was a killer combination!


To make the salad, I just blanched the asparagus in hot water for literally a few seconds, transferred them to ice water and let it sit, dried them and sliced the stems thinly with a peeler. Cut the asparagus heads in half and tossed it with some chopped garlic, salt, pepper, lemon juice and olive oil. For that perfect egg, I cooked it in hot boiling water for just about 2.5 minutes, let it sit in ice cold water and cracked to reveal that bright yellow yolk. I didn’t wanted to throw the white away, so I just scooped it out and added it to some spicy dip (used garlic dip).

Spread some mayo seasoned with paprika, cumin and pepper on a perfectly toasted slice of baguette. Gently placed the egg yolk and surrounded it with the salad. More pepper if you like. Cut the yolk, spread it across the tartine and go “yumm”.


A profile of an asparagus..


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