‘Inspired by’ series…

Going through instagram pictures of chefs I respect and love, I was so inspired by their creative and artistic plating, it communicated volumes about their ideas and perceptions. I realised through this, that food is a true form of art. It is a medium of expressing what you feel, what you think and how well you process and refine things around you.

There are some extremely brilliant chefs who take that extra step to study more and understand concepts in detail. This, for me, is a real lesson. If a chef can go through that much, do all the research, dedicate time and a portion of his thoughts to create an intricate art, on a canvas the size of his palm, that disappears in less than five minutes, I draw immense motivation and inspiration just looking at his/her efforts and the content and joy that is clearly visible on his/her face.

Working on similar lines, I decided to recreate a ‘scene’, looking at a picture shot by me during a trip or a mini excursion.

The first in the series- is this ramshackle building that is beautiful in its own way. I came across this 1900s building in the small town of Nanjangudu, an hour from the city of Mysusu. Located in the heart of the town, on the town’s only main road, it is surrounded by more modern and brightly coloured architecture and its patio serves as a makeshift snacking area for all the customers served by the roadside eateries around. The aromas around this building- which I think was once a studio- brings childhood memories, nostalgia for grandma’s kitchens, scenes of small towns and so much more than cant be defined. The scents of onions, tomatoes, the citrus and coriander mixed with petrichor makes you want to wrap yourself on the patio of your house, snacking on a churmuri, or just a salad of cucumbers in lemon juice and chilli powder. This building, for me, marks comfort and the simple pleasures in life.

I decided to recreate the quintessential street food churmuri, building around a carrot to make THIS.

This is braised carrot, seared in seasoned butter, served with a cucumber-lemon salad, spiced roasted peanuts, a dressing of citrus, oil and more spices and more freshness with beets and tomatoes and mildly pickled onions.


Yes, I will invest on new plates.



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