The tough struggle more

The old adage ‘When the going get tough, the tough get going’, has an adverse meaning to me right now. Three years as a journalist, and I find myself writing/editing things that dont trigger me or mix up my creative juices. The going, is getting tough, really tough. I am frustrated, everyday when I come back from work after realising what it is I am writing about and how much it matters to me. The tough, me here, is going, but I dont know what it is, but there is something that is terribly holding me back! Why?

When I ask myself if I made the right choice, I cant help but be reminded of what this journalist once told me. He- a very successful editor, who has struggled, conquered and succeeded, for whom I have the utmost respect- said that it didn’t matter how good a journalist you are, until and unless you are writing about that you really love!

I want to write about food, explore cuisines, meet artisan bakers, creative chefs and explore food like its a form of art! I don’t care if what I write will change people’s mind, but I want to write about food.

I know I am good at this, I know my palette and my mind are one, they work in unison to bring out the verdict and the words to elucidate this magical phenomenon (or not) that is performed on the tongue. They need to know- the people need to know- why they deserve to eat good food! Why that plate of good food is the one good thing about their day and is probably the only sense that is independent of an external factor to make you feel like your day ended on a sweet note! They need to know, somebody has to tell them and that somebody can be me.

Till I can get the chance to let the world know why food and culture are humanity’s strongest pillar of strength, comfort and togetherness, here is what I fueled my soul with: Dijon mustard chicken, served with corn soup and toast. DINNER.

Combine dijon mustard, salt, pepper and garlic powder. (Taste to check) Rub the chicken with this paste and let it marinate. Grill/ Fry an hour later.


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