Ruby Red water Chestnuts- Big girls dont cry

With every win comes a challenge, and after that long run, everyone realizes how they messed up. Few years down the line, confessing/ apologizing to that one thing you had held for years, for something you unknowingly did,  is just the most precious feeling. makes you grow inches taller with pride. Its funny how it takes so long, but its like good cheese, the longer you realize, the better you feel throwing it out!

So, this week’s recipe is red, pretty and crunchy. Its a bold dish that makes a striking presentation and the sweetness of the coconut milk is just perfect with the bland, crunchy water chestnuts. Why red? I’m not sure! You could make purple amethyst chestnuts, it really is your wish!
i tried emerald, it didnt exactly work out, I guess read is a great colour for chestnuts.

The song, do I have to explain after the intro? 😉

1 cup water chestnuts
2 tablespoons red food color
1/4 cup cornstarch
1/4 cup potato starch
For the soup:

2 cups coconut milk

2 fresh pandan leaves
5 tablespoons sugar
chop the water chestnuts into small cubes and coat with red food color
In another bowl, add the coconut milk, pandan leaves and sugar. Simmer till fragrant, discard the pandan leaf and cool. You can always use pandan paste if you cant find fresh leaves, but the leaves always have a milder, more delicate flavor.
Combine the corn starch and potato starch, coat the colored water chestnuts well and drop into hot boiling water
cook till it floats, remove and drop into ice cold water.
Let it cool and serve with a bowl of the chilled soup!
There, this thai dessert is so light, you might just have two bowls if desserts!

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