Cold brewed coffee Affogato- Let Go

The best thing to do is on a rainy day, hot cocoa or cold brewed coffee- affogato.
I know affogato is usually served with hot coffee, but this cold brewed coffee is so much stronger and its like a hyped version of a cold coffee, well almost.

But this is one of the easiest things to do!

I have always had a thing for Italian desserts, since I started to learn to make Gelatos at a local gelato place, italian desserts have always impressed me! They are so simple and so much space for creativity! Peanut butter gelato, carrot cake gelato oh so fun! Thinking of the details and layers of flavours is what I love about this. I cant wait to get myself an ice cream machine!

Balancing between work and my crazy cooking/baking obsession is quite difficult, so this is what I do. Easy two mins recipe that needs just time to set or something.
A movie or a book with tons of affogato on my day off- Incredible!

And the song, we did it because, well someone had to jump in and its true, there is always beauty in a breakdown. I think that these breakdowns are a route to guide you to something better. Even if its baking a souffle or making a fondant cake, literal break-downs just helps.


The song is strong and the coffee is stronger. perfect!

The Recipe:
Its super simple. fresh ground coffee and ice cold water, wrap and set aside for 24 hours. strain and pour over ice cream.
I like to use a tablespoon for a cup of water, but you can add 2 if you want it crazy strong.
And taste super amazing with caramel ice cream!I left it plain but you could add whipped cream, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce and the traditional chocolate shavings.

For me, I like to melt down the ice cream and drink it up in the end.


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