Overcoming fears

When you go to a party or a get-together next time, look around. The first thing you’ll notice is food. Mounds of rice, trays of veggies and crackers, colourful drinks, portions of desserts, don’t they also indicate you’re going to have a good time? I recently met a few school friends after almost ten years […]

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I will always remember the moment I realized food was my first love and making it was a privilege. My friend and I were watching a movie, sipping badam milk and eating hot pakodas his mum made to enhance our movie-viewing experience on a rainy day. I gorged on the onion pakodas, stuffing them all in […]

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If there was an era I would go back to, it would definitely be the 90s. The music, the dorky yet doable dance moves, saying thinks like ‘Schwinn’, blindingly bold fabrics that were in vogue and the best of all, everything- I mean everything- was simpler! But what I miss the most are the circulating libraries. […]

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